Our Holistic Treatments

Facials, waxing, massage, body treatments and complementary therapy.


We offer a range of facials. Choose from our menu or discuss your particular needs. On your first visit we will assess your skin and recommend the treatments most suitable for you. Treatment will generally start with a cleanser. This will be followed by a selection of acupressure facial massage, blackhead extraction, and finished with moisturising mask or 3D Firming mask. All this in a relaxed and calming atmosphere allowing you to leave the salon de-stressed, glowing and restored.

Waxing is used to remove unwanted hair from the full body or legs, arms as well as smaller areas such as the bikini line. Waxing can be preferred to the use of a razor due to softer hair regrowth rather than sharp bristles. We offer a wide range of warm wax treatments ranging from simple eye-brow shaping to Hollywood and Brazilian.



Massage is widely acknowledged to help with de-stressing, improve posture, help with some injuries and, some believe, to improve the immune system. It is important not to underestimate the therapeutic nature of the human touch and the benefits of the natural endorphins produced. We offer aroma therapy massage or deep tissue massage.

Micro molecular incision treatment is a recently developed cutting edge intensive treatment for pain relief.
Treatment begins with TCM cream application using a scraper. This, followed by a period of rest in a tranquil environment, leaves you relaxed and pain free.

Treatment Charges 30 mins for 50GBP

Micro Incision