HHA Royal Jelly Paper


“HHA Royal Jelly Paper” , a thin piece of make-up remover, perfectly represents the integration of complex process and pure functions, as outstanding and elegant as plain porcelain, though not gorgeous. Cleanness, nourishment, and refreshing are the minimalist aesthetics that HHA Royal Jelly Paper pursues and the trilogy played by HHA Royal Jelly Paper for your skin. Two hours for making up, and two minutes for removing. You love the colorful world, and HHA loves you.


HHA Royal Jelly Paper is made meticulously by Shenzhen Youhuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which specializes in cosmetics research and production. The company has strong R&D ability and with production under full control, thus providing products superior in quality. The company has built workshops in strict accordance with GMPC standards and has been credited by FDA the certificate of GMPC.Passing the international standardized certification of ISO, Shenzhen Youhuo Biotechnology reaches the standard of pharmaceutical companies, an air cleanliness level of 100,000, ensuring the quality and safety of products.

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