Rehydrating, anti-redness, anti-acne, regenerating and anti-ageing facials and skin care


Rehydrating, anti-redness, anti-acne, regenerating and anti-ageing facials and skin care


We use Naturopathic skin care ranges to deliver effectiveness, quality and true elegance. Our Naturopathic principles are derived from alternative medicine, with high quality pure plant botanical ingredients in our formulations totally free of petroleum chemicals, parabens, alcohols and synthetic perfumes.

We offer a range of facials. Choose from our menu or discuss your particular needs with Favor. On your first visit we will assess your skin and recommend the treatments most suitable for you. Treatment will generally start with a cleansing using a lotion and an exfoliating scrub. This will be followed by a selection of acupressure facial massage, blackhead extraction, and moisturising mask. All this in a relaxed and calming atmosphere allowing you to leave the salon de-stressed, glowing and restored.


Our skin care products are suitable for those following Halal as they do not contain alcohol or animal ingredients.


Vegan and Vegetarian
All of our products are suitable as they contain no animal ingredients at all including bees wax, honey or milk related.


Our product ingredients are plant based and contain aloe vera extract – working to calm down the skin over a few months, and in many cases, restore it back to normal.
Courses are available, pay for five treatments and receive the sixth free. 


Anti-Redness treatment
This treatment is highly recommended for very sensitive skin, for people who are prone to allergies, or who suffer from multi-chemical sensitivity. Also helps in clearing Rosacea and reducing the inflamed area.

Fee: 45 mins for £25


Aroma Facial
Using an aromatic blend of jasmine, avocado and evening primrose oil, this muscle relaxing facial gives your skin endless benefit, by energising and hydrating while restoring a healthy glow. Excellent for a tired sluggish skin.

Fee: 60 mins for £35


Anti-Acne Facial
This treatment is recommended for skin that is affected by excessive sebum, inflammation and clogged pores. By incorporating blackhead extraction, it helps to soothe, strengthen and heal your skin, leaving your complexion restored and re balanced.

Fee: 75 mins for £45


10 Years Younger Facial 

This treatment helps to slow the signs of maturing, it rejuvenates and moisturises very dry skin. Supports collagen fibre. Speeds up cell renewal and slows down the internal aging process of the skin. A must for all ages to help you glow and look more radiant.

Fee: 60 mins for £45